7 tips on how to take care of the scalp and have a wonderful growth of yarn. Look!

Controlando a Calvície

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair, does not it? But just using a thermal protector and doing hydration is not enough.  Hair care should start there on the scalp, which is responsible for the growth and health of the hair. A well-groomed root prevents hair loss and leaves them well glowing.

1. Who has oily hair have to wash every day?

Oiliness is really important to keep your hair looking healthy. The problem is that if you stop washing for too long, it starts to grow the dreaded dandruff. According to some dermatologists the ideal for a person who has excess oil on the leather is recommended to wash at least every other day.

2. Always pass shampoo without salt and never leave remnants of conditioner

For this wash, the correct thing is to use a shampoo and conditioner without salt, since this type of product cleans gently without damaging the hair and the leather. Then rinse with plenty of water, always cool, and never leave residues of any of the products in the hair.

3. Never wash your hair with hot water

When washing the wires, avoid hot water as much as possible, as it increases oiliness, as well as drying the wires. Whenever possible wash preferably in cold or lukewarm water.

4. Never use your fingernails to rub the scalp in the bath

Never do this in addition to not doing the washing correctly, you can still get several wounds due to the use of the nails, and still get a serious infection on the scalp, the correct thing is always to massage with the tips of the fingers.

5. Wear a hat on very sunny days

On days of very strong sun it is critical to protect the scalp. Enjoy the summer to bet on hats, turban scarves and stylish caps, adapting the accessory for every environment or occasion.

6. be careful when making chemical straightness 

Progressive, definitive, permanent brush and any other chemical procedure use acid products and, therefore, can burn the scalp and generate scaling. To avoid this problem, you should not risk any straightening without first doing a touch test on the back of the neck, ensuring that the area will not have any kind of allergic reaction.

7. Your diet also influences hair health

Did you know that your diet also influences the health of your scalp and, consequently, the growth of yarn? A rich diet of amino acids and proteins (meats, eggs and milk), for example, stimulates the growth and strengthening of the locks, while zinc (nuts, seafood, wheat germ and beer yeast) also helps hair grow and still reduces oiliness. In addition, omega-3 and omega-6 (present in functional oils) help in hydration. Change your habits!


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