Do you like Comics? Read this…

Hey People, how are you? =)

Today I come here to speak of one of my passions: drawings. I use this term generically because when we talk about drawing we usually associate the cartoon.

Do not get me wrong, I’m also a super fan of cartoons, anime, etc. Although, unfortunately, they are associated with children’s things, where adults can not enjoy.

But I’m talking about same drawings. Pencils on paper, this kind of drawing. Even though I’m not a professional, I quite enjoy reading and researching on the subject.

In the middle of my readings I found the website Their proposal is very very cool. They provide a platform for you to publish your works and totally free!

Perhaps the cool thing about the project is the closeness of the fans and the authors. The site allows comics to receive direct feedback from other authors and drawing fans so they can further improve their works.

I confess that I was very excited when I met the site, because there we find Brazilian comics, something that is not so common to see. I did not think there was such a thing around here.

An even cool thing is that they offer free courses to anyone who wants to learn how to draw, to take the first steps in drawing. This will greatly help those who have always wanted to know how to draw their favorite characters.

I really hope that their project stays in the air long enough to become a gigantic thing! Because I know there are a lot of talented people out there waiting for the opportunity to grow, to show their work and their potential.

It’s a shame that projects like these do not get a little more attention from the fans themselves. After all, something only grows if supporters exist.

But to my delight it seems that they have even come to stay!

Did you like the story? Do you know the website? If you do not know, do not miss another minute!

Visit and support today and show your support for the site to grow and more and more comics have the unique opportunity to present their projects.

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