For lovers of cats

Hey People, how are you? =)

Today I’m going to talk about something that surprised me a bit. I’ve always been in love with animals, really, since I was a kid.

But I was surprised when I discovered how many people, like me, love cats. I was surprised that I may not have had so much contact with cat owners before.

But I found the site Paixão Por Gatos and this has changed a lot. They gather a lot of information and your Facebook group is going to the 15,000 people!

I found the information on natural cat food very good. I did not know that it could be so risky to feed cats because of the absurd amount of sodium, dyes, and preservatives in them.

The page also brings a series of quick tips on your YouTube channel, which gave the name of “cat minute.” They are videos of less than 2 minutes, with subjects to help in the creation of our kitties.

I was very impressed with the video documentary made by the developer of the project where he tells his story and how the feed industry is irresponsibly changing the health of our animals for profit!

There is also a documentary on Netflix called Petfooled that deals with exactly the same subject!

I ended up losing my cat, a great companion who was with me for some bad bits of life (some of the worst ones) and, it seems, was something genetic. But can you imagine the pain of those who have lost their bugs and then discover that everything could be avoided?

Or that it all happened because of irresponsible companies? It is a sad thought and exactly why the staff of this blog is struggling with the nails and teeth to inform as many owners as possible!

I think it is a noble cause and that everyone should open their eyes to this problem which is a sad but current reality.

If you also want to protect your pet and learn more about the project, be sure to visit the page today!

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