Simple Tips to Lose Belly Fat

These 5 simple tips for slimming and losing belly involve only changes in habits and can

help eliminate up to 2 kg per month.

The tips are listed in order of importance, starting with:


  1. Sleep well:

It may seem obvious, but dieting at the stage of hard work and little sleep is torture.

Resting well gives the spirit to fulfill the commitments of the day to day and it is easier to resist the temptations. In addition, proper rest leaves the body willing to do more exercise.

On average, daily, people need 6 to 8 hours of sleep to rest.


  1. Drink lots of water during the day:

Water during meals is not advised, so drink up to half an hour before meals.

After eating, wait another half hour to get back to drinking water.

The amount of water required varies from person to person.

Drinking between 1 and 2 liters of water per day is not too much and should be done every day.


How to drink 2 liters of water per day


Water is essential to the body and one should drink about 2 liters of water or other liquids per day. A good way to achieve this goal is to increase the intake of water-rich foods, such as orange and watermelon.


To get 2 liters of water a day, you can buy a 2-liter bottle of mineral water and always have it around to drink slowly during the day.

The ideal is to make a mark in the middle of the bottle and strive to reach this mark until 3 o’clock in the afternoon and drink all the water from the bottle until bedtime.

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However, the consumption of water-rich foods also helps to moisturize the body and can be a good help for those who can not drink only water.

The list below shows the amount of water present in various foods:


These foods should be consumed daily, but although these foods are very rich in water, it is important to drink water, in its natural form, to be able to hydrate and purify the body properly.

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A critical to holding your memory sharp

Be certain that your eating plan has fantastic sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Most normally present in fish, these fatty acids do a excellent task of maintaining your brain on its toes. Quite a few research have proven a optimistic advantage for the brain once the diet plan is made up of omega-3’s. Test incorporating pink salmon, walnuts and flax seed, so you’re able to get this crucial excess fat. Curso Estudo e Memorização Renato Alves.

To enhance your memory, ensure that to remain centered on what you are learning. Distractions including tv or loud music could make it tough to bear in mind the topic at hand. Actively attending to your info will make you extra most likely to recollect it, and retain it for any longer time period.

Stay clear of cramming all of your materials into 1 brief examine session. Scientific studies present that information and facts is improved retained, for those who get a while to understand it. You may do that by scheduling quick review sessions while in the days and weeks, just before an examination. Cramming almost everything into a single sitting will only show to get counter productive.

A critical to holding your memory sharp as being a tack is always to hold up your social relationships. By surrounding oneself with good friends and household, primarily those who you take into consideration a fantastic assistance process, you might be assisting your memory to remain alive. Investigation truly demonstrates that these using the most lively way of life showed the slowest price of memory reduction.

You could have observed that your brain is not as sharp in case you have been sitting in 1 area for as well prolonged. If this is actually the situation, you must consider about a 5-15 minute break just about every hour through your operate or review session to present your thoughts a while to rest and take it easy. This will likely then enable your brain to soak up the knowledge much better.

If you need to possess a much better long-term memory, then you certainly should get while in the practice of frequent stretching and various workout. These workout routines maintain the brain’s arteries open, and this can be vital due to the fact the brain is accountable for 15 % of one’s body’s blood movement. Stretching also increases power, versatility and rest, which all enable in direction of enhanced long-term memory likewise.

In the event you ought to recall a intricate piece of facts, make use of the mnemonics system. This can be a means of associating the knowledge with a thing that is certainly popular and acquainted. Any time you make that association, you may imagine the frequent item, and it’ll set off your memory from the a lot more challenging piece of details.

An excellent way for you personally to enhance your all round memory will be to be certain that you are normally focusing your attentions on no matter what you happen to be learning with the time. The objective right here is awareness retention. A failure to target totally within the topic at hand indicates the knowledge might not be retained appropriately.

Visualizing your self recalling info is in fact an incredible way by which you’ll be able to do the job to recall details. You happen to be mainly education your brain for being ready to memorize products whenever you foresee oneself dipping into that memory financial institution to pull them out at a later on date. Imagine it like visualizing your hand turning a doorknob prior to you truly flip it.

Retaining understanding is only difficult after you get started to doubt by yourself, so normally make sure that you are as assured as you possibly can when learning or trying to understand anything at all. Doubt creeping in brings about you to only recall the doubt. It does not always make you overlook, nonetheless it absolutely isn’t going to enable you to to recollect.

Assistance your memory by consuming a lot more vegetables and fruit. Fresh create is packed with antioxidants, substances which have been proven to aid avoid harm for your brain cells. Test consuming richly colored vegetables and fruit which include broccoli, apricots, bell peppers and blueberries due to the fact they have a tendency to possess the highest concentrations of antioxidants.

A helpful memory tip for anybody needing to recall individual forms of facts, should be to do the job on minimizing distractions as part of your surroundings. Competing stimuli can truly impede recollection and reduce simple accessibility to stored details. By searching for peace and quiet, it’ll be simpler to retrieve the preferred information out of your thoughts.

As a way to increase your memory, it really is crucial that you simply pay out consideration. Your thoughts will under no circumstances learn to memorize matters if it truly is distracted by other points. Such as, should you are learning or operating, do so inside a space without any tv or other items that might entice you.

Will not skip to the rest if you would like to enhance your memory. It truly is once we rest that our brains genuinely head to operate. Throughout deep rest our brains are exceptionally lively in processing details and striving to comprehend troubles. Skimping in your rest will get started obtaining an practically quick impact in your memory.

So that you can enhance your memory, make sure which you work out frequently. It truly is confirmed that workout tends to make an individual extra alert, which in flip, aids you to soak up and continue to keep data while in the thoughts. Also, when your thoughts is alert, it is actually simpler for it to consider psychological pics.

To assist boost your memory and total brain perform, attempt to consume a balanced diet program. Research have proven that consuming specified meals may help make improvements to a person’s memory. Spinach and lots of fruits, like blueberries, enable memory perform. Omega-3 fatty acids is additionally effective when attempting to enhance memory.

To enhance your memory, attempt a glass or two of wine. You might be stunned to understand that wine in moderation will help enhance your memory. Red wines would be the highest in resveratrol, a chemical that increases your brain electrical power and might even reduce Alzheimer’s illness. Just will not drink as well considerably or it could harm your memory as an alternative of assisting it!

For lovers of cats

Hey People, how are you? =)

Today I’m going to talk about something that surprised me a bit. I’ve always been in love with animals, really, since I was a kid.

But I was surprised when I discovered how many people, like me, love cats. I was surprised that I may not have had so much contact with cat owners before.

But I found the site Paixão Por Gatos and this has changed a lot. They gather a lot of information and your Facebook group is going to the 15,000 people!

I found the information on natural cat food very good. I did not know that it could be so risky to feed cats because of the absurd amount of sodium, dyes, and preservatives in them.

The page also brings a series of quick tips on your YouTube channel, which gave the name of “cat minute.” They are videos of less than 2 minutes, with subjects to help in the creation of our kitties.

I was very impressed with the video documentary made by the developer of the project where he tells his story and how the feed industry is irresponsibly changing the health of our animals for profit!

There is also a documentary on Netflix called Petfooled that deals with exactly the same subject!

I ended up losing my cat, a great companion who was with me for some bad bits of life (some of the worst ones) and, it seems, was something genetic. But can you imagine the pain of those who have lost their bugs and then discover that everything could be avoided?

Or that it all happened because of irresponsible companies? It is a sad thought and exactly why the staff of this blog is struggling with the nails and teeth to inform as many owners as possible!

I think it is a noble cause and that everyone should open their eyes to this problem which is a sad but current reality.

If you also want to protect your pet and learn more about the project, be sure to visit the page today!

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Do you like Comics? Read this…

Hey People, how are you? =)

Today I come here to speak of one of my passions: drawings. I use this term generically because when we talk about drawing we usually associate the cartoon.

Do not get me wrong, I’m also a super fan of cartoons, anime, etc. Although, unfortunately, they are associated with children’s things, where adults can not enjoy.

But I’m talking about same drawings. Pencils on paper, this kind of drawing. Even though I’m not a professional, I quite enjoy reading and researching on the subject.

In the middle of my readings I found the website Their proposal is very very cool. They provide a platform for you to publish your works and totally free!

Perhaps the cool thing about the project is the closeness of the fans and the authors. The site allows comics to receive direct feedback from other authors and drawing fans so they can further improve their works.

I confess that I was very excited when I met the site, because there we find Brazilian comics, something that is not so common to see. I did not think there was such a thing around here.

An even cool thing is that they offer free courses to anyone who wants to learn how to draw, to take the first steps in drawing. This will greatly help those who have always wanted to know how to draw their favorite characters.

I really hope that their project stays in the air long enough to become a gigantic thing! Because I know there are a lot of talented people out there waiting for the opportunity to grow, to show their work and their potential.

It’s a shame that projects like these do not get a little more attention from the fans themselves. After all, something only grows if supporters exist.

But to my delight it seems that they have even come to stay!

Did you like the story? Do you know the website? If you do not know, do not miss another minute!

Visit and support today and show your support for the site to grow and more and more comics have the unique opportunity to present their projects.

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Guia de Restituição do ICMS Funciona?


Acontece que eu estava estudando um assunto que me interessou bastante e para o
qual eu vou ajuizar uma ação em nome próprio e resolvi compartilhar as informações
que eu obtive com meus seguidores.

Sabe aquela ação sobre a qual está todo mundo falando, de restituição do ICMS na
conta de energia? Então, vou ensinar hoje como identificar, na conta, as parcelas que
podem ser restituídas e também como calcular o valor da restituição.

Eu tratei do assunto em forma de vídeo e texto, então você pode escolher o formato
que mais o agrada (o texto está logo abaixo do vídeo). Eu gostei mais do vídeo porque

é mais fácil de entender a parte de cálculos.

Ter a restituição do ICMS cobrado de forma indevida na conta de luz é um direito de
TODOS os brasileiros, então por que não lutar por esse direito?

Eu não quero que o meu suado dinheiro fique para o governo de forma ilegal. Eles
estão sempre tirando dinheiro do nosso bolso com IPTU, IPVA, impostos e agora isso
do ICMS?

Você não pode deixar eles ROUBAREM seu dinheiro!!!

O guia de restituição do ICMS energia elétrica funciona mesmo! Eu tive um excelente
resultado seguindo o passo a passo que eles ensinam para juntar todos os
documentos necessário e dar entrada no meu DIREITO!

Eu consegui reaver o ICMS cobrado de forma indevida nos últimos 5 anos. Confesso
que sozinho eu não teria conseguido juntar tudo e nem saber a forma certa de dar
entrada nesses papéis…

O Guia Restituição do ICMS para Energia Elétrica é completo – preparado com todo o
passo a passo para todo brasileiro poder sozinho recuperar SEU DINHEIRO de volta!
É um guia completo para sua conta de energia sem imposto indevido!

E o valor pode ser bem alto, afinal foram anos pagando um valor indevido nas contas
de energia elétrica, todos os meses!

O Guia da Restituição ICMS foi preparado por Henrique Peratto, especialista em
tributação. Seu objetivo é ajudar todo brasileiro a conseguir recuperar seu dinheiro
perdido de volta, que foi pago indevidamente nas contas de luz por anos.

Para você entender melhor que é seu direito receber esse dinheiro de volta e ter a
certeza de que o Guia de Restituição do ICMS Funciona mesmo e poderá ajudar você
também, confira a reportagem sobre o professor Miguel Lima abaixo:

[Obs.: para saber como obter as 60 últimas faturas de energia, leia este artigo: Como
obter as contas de luz para a ação de restituição do ICMS]

O que você deve fazer é aplicar a alíquota do ICMS para o valor de cada parcela,
depois somar e aplicar correção monetária. Lembre-se que a alíquota varia conforme
o Estado, consumo de energia e tipo de consumidor. No caso, é possível verificar que
a alíquota da conta utilizada como exemplo é 25% (destaque em rosa).

Para saber mais acesse: