Liquid Diet

As restrictive diets are not the best way for anyone to slim down, as people are always looking for solutions that help them lose weight fast.

This diet is created in a responsible way, a liquid diet can help a little in reducing weight, can eliminate 3 kg in 5 days, but it is not a key to achieve the corpo perfeito, since we always consume less than we spend we lose weight .

To avoid harm, the diet should not be kept for more than five days. Even though, after this time, the effect may be exactly the opposite of what was expected.

The body activates a sort of defense mechanism in response to food and calorie restriction.

The metabolism works more slowly and the body starts to store fat instead of burning it.

The tip is to take advantage of these days to eliminate the excesses that both upset you and then invest in a more balanced and moderate diet One of the biggest dangers is an extreme reduction in daily caloric intake, which can lead to weakness and even fainting.

For a long time, it can generate nutritional deficiencies and impair the metabolism.

Taking into account this information, a healthy diet for health, containing protein, carbohydrates and fiber.

You need to put yogurt, milk, fruit juices, coconut water and soups.

While you are under this regime, try not to engage in intense physical activities, as it can go wrong.

Advantages Healthy Food Consumption: Most liquid diets consist of soups and natural juices or vitamins a positive point of the method and that stimulates the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Easy adherence: Simple and practical to do, a liquid diet contains common options in the Brazilian’s meals.

That way, it is easier to get accustomed to the diet plan and follow the diet.

Disadvantages This is a difficult diet to follow because it is very monotonous, as options are restricted to juices, vitamins, soups, yogurts and teas.

Because liquid foods are easier to digest, the adept will have less satiety and hunger.

Some versions of liquid diets rely on less fiber and this can favor problems in intestinal transit, as well as reduce satiety.

Another negative aspect of liquid diet is not a series of dietary re-education, so when you guess a resume with a feed that has been successful, the famous accordion effect.