William R. Wood service Saturday

He was born in Streeter, IL, son of Alex and Mildred Marshall Woodworking business. Beloved husband of Barbara Dudgeon for 59 years. Loving father of Jeff (Linda) Wood of Hudson Ohio, William (Avril) Wood of Yorba Linda CA, David Wood of Chesterton, IN and Brian (Lisa) Wood of Indianapolis IN. Grandfather to Chris (Carin) Wood, Sarah (Dan) Strittmater, David Wood, Heather Wood, Megan Wood and Alexandra Wood. Four great-grandchildren Olivia, Ben, Farah and Laine.

Bill moved to England before the age of one where Bill’s father played professional soccer. His father played in the First World Cup. At the age of eight the family moved back to the states and relocated in Gary, IN, where Bill attended grade school and in 1948 graduated from Emerson High School. He later graduated from Valparaiso University in 1954 where he played varsity baseball. In 1955 married his wife of 59 years, Barbara Dudgeon Wood, who survives in Chesterton. Bill began and ended his 38 year career at US Steel where he retired as Superintendent of the 46th rolling mill. While at US Steel, Bill was very active in the US Steel Carolers. amazon product research tool

In 1960 Bill moved his family to Portage, IN where he became very active in the community where he was the first Portage Park board President and started the youth soccer league. He received the 1975 JC Boss of the Year Award and in 1995 Barbershop of the year. In 1960 he was instrumental in forming the committee and establishing the Nativity Catholic Church where he sang in the Choir for over 20 years. Bill was an avid sports fan, coached many of his children’s youth sports teams, was a well-respected racquetball player and for many years refereed both college and high school basketball and football.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday, September 6, 2014 at 10 a.m. at St. Patrick Catholic Church, 642 N. Calumet Rd., Chesterton, with Father James Meade officiating. There will be a visitation prior at the church in the Narthex from 9 a.m. until time of service. Cremation will follow. The family will receive friends on Friday, September 5, 2014 from 4 until 8 p.m. at White-Love Funeral Home, 525 S. 2nd St., Chesterton, IN, with a Rosary at 7:30 p.m. amazon tool jungle scout

In lieu of flowers, a donation to the Visiting Nurse Association of Porter County, 2401 Valley Dr., Valparaiso, IN, 46383, would be appreciated. To send an online condolence, please visit White-Love

7 remédios eficazes para tratar rugas nos labios

Today, I would be talking about how to treat lip wrinkles with the facelift with simple home remedies. Our lips add a beautiful definition to our face. However, most people suffer from wrinkles or fine lines on their lips because of various environmental factors. Unlike other problems, wrinkles on your lips can be treated using various home remedies. Your lips are very soft and delicate than your facial skin and therefore taking care of them is very important.

1. Cinnamon Powder:
Using cinnamon powder is one of the easiest remedies that can help get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. You should take some cinnamon sticks and grind them into a fine powder. Now add a few drops of honey and rub the lips with this mixture. Following this remedy twice in a day can help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles on your lips. In addition, due to the antibacterial properties found in cinnamon, it helps to keep your lips soft and supple with facelift .

2. Usando Papaya Mask:
A máscara da papaia é um remédio home eficaz para tratar enrugamentos do bordo. Você deve tomar alguns pedaços de mamão e amassá-los com a ajuda de um garfo. Agora, adicione algumas gotas de mel e cúrcuma para ele. Misture ambos os ingredientes em uma pasta lisa e aplicá-lo em seus lábios. Massagem por algum tempo e lavar com água fria. Desde mamões são ricos em boas enzimas, ele atua como um agente eficaz para tratar as rugas dos lábios.

3. Vitamina E Óleo:
Usar o óleo da vitamina E é um outro remédio importante para tratar linhas finas e os enrugamentos nos bordos. Devido a muitas proteínas, vitaminas e antioxidantes encontrados no óleo de vitamina E, nutre seus lábios e mantém-los hidratados. Ele também contém propriedades anti-inflamatórias e anti-envelhecimento que impedem a aparência de linhas finas e rugas nos lábios.
4. Esfregar:
Esfoliar seus lábios não só ajuda a se livrar das células mortas da pele, mas também ajuda a reduzir as linhas finas e rugas em seus lábios. Prepare um matagal com açúcar e um pouco de azeite. Use esta mistura para esfregar os lábios e lavar com água morna. Siga este remédio duas vezes ou três vezes em um dia para se livrar dos sinais de envelhecimento em seus lábios.
5. Bicarbonato de sódio:
Devido às propriedades de clareamento naturais encontradas em bicarbonato de sódio, pode ajudar a evitar linhas finas e rugas nos lábios. Tome um pouco de bicarbonato de sódio e adicione algumas gotas de água para fazer uma pasta grossa. Massagem seus lábios com esta mistura e esfregar bem. Enxaguar os lábios com água normal e pat seco.

This doctor claims that he’ll increase your penis size by injecting your own blood back into it

There are many benefits to a bigger penis – it looks great in cycling shorts, you can get more elaborate tattoos on it and it’s more hygienic, because you can wash your bell-end in the toilet water while you’re having a piss. It’s the dream.

Up until now, penis enlargement techniques ranged from the ridiculous to the incredibly dangerous. If you do not want surgery, then you’ve got the following options:

A penis pump – This involves sticking your oak into a plastic device and sucking all the air out. It will not work and is a very embarrassing thing to have to buy. Especially when you forget to change the delivery address and it ends up at your office. Trust me.

Jelquing – This is a manual technique whereby you massage your willy wombat from the base until the head, to increase big penis  blood flow and circulation. There is no real proof that it works, and again, it is extremely embarrassing if you forget to change the address at which you do it and end up jelquing in the office. Trust me.

Pills – GET YOUR SEN A BIG penis MAN reads the subject line, but a bigger dick will not result from these scams. They won’t work and can be dangerous to take as they often contain unregulated chemicals. Also, they can cause embarrassment in the office as many of them have simply the same effect as Viagra. Trust me.

Traction – This essentially involves hanging increasingly heavy weights off the end of your lizard, essentially stretching it in length. These weights are very tiny though – do not try doing this in the gym. Trust me.

After that, it gets a little more invasive:

Silicone injection – This involves stuffing a needle full of liquid silicone into your flume and pumping it up a couple of sizes. This is extremely dangerous and often ends in your wonka looking like a wet sock full of conkers. Trust me.

Finally, the only real technique to have proven results, you gotta go the surgery route:

Medical enlargement – Best to steer clear from this, as you don’t really want anyone going anywhere near your glow-worm with a knife, do you? One of the most popular procedures involves cutting the ligament that connects the penis to the pelvic bone, giving you a bit more shaft (about 2cm). Thing is, that’s only when flaccid – it doesn’t affect your lob-size whatsoever. It can also cause permanent nerve damage, which only reveals its plus points the next time you get booted in the knackers with a football. Trust me.


New York Surgeon Says He Can Make Penises Bigger by Injecting Them With Blood

In man’s forever quest to find new ways to enlarge their penises (even though size truly doesn’t matter!), a New York-based surgeon has come up with a non-surgical solution: Inject a guy’s own blood back into his penis.

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Norman Rowe, a board-certified plastic surgeon, calls his technique the “bulge buster” and says patients can gain up to 1.5 inches in circumference (CIRCUMFERENCE) from the procedure, according to the Daily Mail. The procedure reportedly mimics one commonly used for athletes that involves drawing a man’s blood, removing the platelets, and reinjecting the plasma-rich blood back into his penis. And apparently, it’s all easy-peasy and totally no big deal. “You come in, get the injection, 20 minutes later you’re walking out,” Rowe told the Daily Mail.

Though Rowe said “erections are fine” after the procedure, he has not had patients to take their penis enlarged for at least two days. No matter how much they may want to … try it out.

Shocking video shows divorce lawyer hypnotizing clients for sexual pleasure

Michael Fine is seen hypnotizing clients for sexual pleasure.

The 59-year-old divorce attorney from Ohio first popped up on the radar of the Sheffield police department after a woman alleged that Fine, was trying to take advantage of her sexually pompoarismo  while “relaxing” her before meetings with hypnosis. The woman approached police when she realized she had lost track of time during a prior meeting with Fine, and noticed her clothes looked disheveled upon leaving the lawyer’s office.

The police set up to sting operation to catch Fine red-handed and sent the woman into Fine’s office wearing a hidden camera in November 2014. The meeting between the woman and Fine commences, we can hear the lawyer asking the woman pompoarismo to take deep Breaths I’m going to try and hypnotize the woman, stating, each time I say the word ‘sleep,’ you’re gonna go deeper and deeper, 10 times deeper.

The session moves from the office to the couch in the office where things escalated to a sexual level as seen in the video. While the woman’s eyes are closed, she moves closer to the unsuspecting woman and says, “Every time I say the word” pleasure, “you can not constrain or hold yourself back, your entire body is a vessel of pleasure . Woman, When is the last time you made love? I continue the hypnosis, saying, Every time I touch you, it’s going to be an incredible sensation.

Several minutes later, Fine wakes the woman from the trance and starts discussing the woman’s legal affairs and at the moment, police barge into the office and stop the meeting.

The woman wearing the hidden camera is not the only victim. Fine tried to put under her sexual spell, either. In September 2016, Fine confessed to hypnotizing five other women in a similar manner.

United States’ laser hair removal machine market forecast 2016-2021 examined in new market research report

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In this report we point out and analyzes important influences in the growth of the laser hair removal machine market. We also list positive as well as negative aspects in terms of the current and expected valuation of the laser hair removal machine market in near future.

 Our primary and secondary research accumulates data related to the development of the laser hair removal machine market. We have a thorough study of the market for the established as well as new entrants in the market.

We list the profiles of the key market players in the report which is a must-have.

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We provide a granular view of the market on the basis of multiple relevant criteria in our Laser hair removal market research report. The analysis of the demand patterns for each product types, the growth history and the projected growth orientation of all the service segments have been studied in the report.

The supply chain of the global Laser hair removal machine industry has been inspected in the report, analyzing crucial upstream and downstream components. In this report we provide a complete overview of the market by listing existing  brazilian wax demand and supply trends of the market and the recent developments in the market.

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Table of Contents

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3 Technical Data and Manufacturing Plants Analysis

4 Production Analysis of Laser hair removal machine by Regions, Type, and Applications

5 Consumption Volume and Consumption Value Analysis of Laser hair removal machine by Regions

6 Analysis of Laser hair removal machine Production, Supply, Sales and Market Status 2011-2016

7 Analysis of Laser hair removal Machine Industry Key Manufacturers

7.1 Silkn

7.2 Remington

7.3 Tria Beauty

7.4 Elos Me

7.5 Syneron Beauty Me

7.6 LumaRx

8 Price and Gross Margin Analysis

9 Marketing Trader or Distributor Analysis of Laser hair removal machine

10 Development Trend of Laser hair removal machine Industry 2016-2021

The First Competition of 2017 – Win The Ultimate Guide to Singing!

Gareth Malone’s guide to singing a carol

Gareth Malone is a fully paid-up fan of Christmas. “I love it,” he beams. “I love the whole business – the holly, the ivy and the Dickensian aspect – this Radio Times photo is perfect.”

Music will be at the heart of Christmas for Malone, his wife, Becky, and their two small children. “Singing at Christmas is a fantastic way of expressing joy.” But how can we summon up singing guide to  our inner voice? Here’s Gareth’s guide …


“I’m asked every year what my favourite carol is, and the answer never changes. It’s Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. I love the descant to that carol. It’s in my muscle memory. My body knows how to sing it. The tune is by Mendelssohn and it’s a very neat, foursquare carol. It’s a bloody good song for a choir – it builds nicely. When you sing it, you think, ‘Let’s use the last dregs of our voice and just go for it!’”


“Don’t eat and drink too much beforehand. It’s especially important to go easy on the booze. Drinking aids the raucousness of your singing, but it dries out your voice. It also makes you think you’re singing much better than you are!”


“Don’t come into a church cold and try to belt out a carol. Warm up beforehand with a gentle jog around the car park. You might get a few looks, but it’s worth it. Otherwise you’re trying to sing when your pulse is slow and your breathing is shallow guide to singing. You’re expected to make a good sound in totally the wrong circumstances.

“Some choirs have no concept of how much energy it takes to sing, but it’s a very physical activity – a four-minute song is like a work-out. When I finish a song, I’m completely out of breath. You wouldn’t expect to run a 100m race without a warm-up, and you shouldn’t expect to sing a song without a warm-up either.”


“Try to grab hold of the carol and sing it like you mean it. Do not pussyfoot around – it’s about expressing passion and telling a story. You can not do that unless you go for it. But there is a balance between projecting and sticking out from the crowd. You do not want to sound like a caricature of a carol singer from a Richard Curtis movie. “

New Book Provides Novel Solutions for Insomnia

A new book, Beyond a Glass of Milk and a Hot Bath: Advanced Sleep Solutions for People with Chronic Insomnia, by medical researcher and bestselling author Connie Strasheim, is based on the premise that conventional sleep solutions for sleep better are inadequate for those with chronic health challenges because they don’t address the root cause of insomnia. Correspondingly, the book addresses ten common causes of insomnia, particularly in those with neurological illness, and provides specific solutions for each one.

Among the factors that cause insomnia, according to Ms. Strasheim, are:

– Electromagnetic pollution- High histamine and inflammation- Neurotransmitter imbalances- Hormonal imbalances- Stress and emotional trauma- Physical pain and chronic infections- Sleep medication abuse- Poor sleep hygiene

Ms. Strasheim provides solutions for each one of these problems, which range from free, hands-on manual therapies, to nutritional supplements and more expensive brain wave therapy devices. Among the tools described are:

– Devices for lowering electromagnetic fields in the sleep environment, such as Graham-Stetzer filters- Natural, non-toxic and prescription remedies for sleep better lowering histamine and inflammation- Nutrients, amino acids and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for balancing the hormones and neurotransmitters- Cognitive therapies that address the emotional and spiritual causes of insomnia- Strategies for proper sleep hygiene- Homeopathic and botanical remedies- Brain wave-modulating devices

In addition, Ms. Strasheim provides insights on how to wean off of benzodiazepine drugs and other sleep medications, and shares suggestions to help readers determine which tools are most appropriate for them, based on their specific health challenges, and how to put together a protocol that best meets their needs.

Beyond a Glass of Milk and a Hot Bath was inspired by Ms. Strasheim’s near decade-long battle with insomnia and chronic Lyme disease. She discovered through her healing journey that the more traditional tools and treatments for insomnia, such as melatonin or sleep medication, were not enough to restore her sleep, and were also inadequate for addressing the unique challenges of those with neurological illness.

7 Most Popular Diet Pills That Work Fast Without Exercise

Are You Interested in Knowing the 7 Most Popular Diet Pills That Work Fast Without Exercise? I mean what better way to lose weight than to simply pop some pills and see the lemon diet the fat melt away, right? Of course, you may be wondering, do diet pills actually work? I mean, it sounds like a little too good to be true, does not it? Why is obesity such a massive (no pun intended) problem if people could simply take some pills and reveal their true form hiding under the layers and layers of fat?

Well, diet pill studies have shown that many prescription pills do indeed work to promote increased weight loss when compared to maintaining a similar lifestyle without the pills. A 2014 meta-study of 21 long-term trials studying the effects of prescription drugs on people with obesity concluded that those drugs increase the diet of lemon   or diet of 21 days the likelihood of someone attaining “clinically meaningful” weight loss in conjunction with Other positive lifestyle changes.

So how do diet pills work to make people shed their excess baggage? Primarily through one or a combination of three mechanisms. One of the most prominent is by making you feel full, thereby making it less likely that you’ll be hungering for some hamburgers. When you do chow down on some burgers (or hopefully some healthier fare) is when some of these pills also kick into action. Take orlistat, which blocks lipase from being able to break down fat, meaning you absorb less of it. Thirdly, some diet pills will promote the burning  a dieta dos 21 dias of excess calories during physical activity.

However, over the counter diet pills did not fare nearly as well as prescription diet pills in a separate meta-study conducted in 2004. That study found that none of the reviewed dietary supplements, of which there were 11, delivered convincing evidence that they were effective at spurring weight loss and the study authors did not recommend any of them for use. Among the supplements studied were chitosan, hydroxy-methylbutyrate, Ephedra sinica, and Garcinia cambogia.

There is also the remarkable issue of diet pill side effects. Even FDA-approved weight loss drugs often come with dangerous side effects, including liver damage, constipation, nausea, insomnia, and dependence. When you’re talking diet  about so-called natural weight loss pills, or dietary supplements, you really do not know what you could be putting into your body and what side effects might be. That’s particularly concerning when some consumers are aware of how unregulated dietary supplements are.

Cada pesadelo hilariante dos pais de trabalho-de-casa

So this is the page where you can get to know me a little better and find out what this guy Vick Strizheus is all about So there you are, in your best suit, giving a Skype video presentation on your best professional   mini site – And grateful that the people at the other end can not say that you are doing everything from a home office. After all, you have the awesome bookcase behind you, and the map on the wall. Everything is carefully designed to look like you are part of a substantial and well-oiled operation.

Suddenly, her little daughter wanders, and begins to dance around her chair, just amused. You give a mortified smile to those in video making blog , apologize and try to move it out of the shot – just like your baby wheeled into via your baby walker. And as this “this can not be happening” thought flashes through your brain, your frantic spouse comes skidding and slip into the room, grabs the kids, and pushes them out the door – get in one last time around Baby walker to firmly close the door.

You are left mentally flailing around, trying to somehow pick up the pieces and come up with the sober professional presentation that has just burst to bits.

Oh, I have so much sympathy for Professor Robert Kelly, whose recent live interview on the BBC has become viral for exactly that reason. Like the other tens of millions of people working online who saw the clip, I could not stop laughing precisely because I can imagine exactly how the poor guy felt. Every person who has worked at home in the modern world has always known deep down that such a moment would haunt them – and eventually reach them.

A few years ago on the internet , I was deep in an explanation of wedding statistics with Joy Eggerichs in his popular video podcast when my friendly cat – who had somehow managed to open the door without me noticing – jumped up on my desk and Paced in front of the webcam (see minutes 19 and 20). Just a couple of weeks ago, I was doing a live video interview about my newest book, The Kindness Challenge, when my other cat, annoyed at the now closed door (I learned my lesson!) Decided to hook his Little paws The door and try to rattle it hard enough to open it.